Research Data, from early discovery to journey’s end  

Perspective Research Services is here to help you at every stage in the data journey. You can use our full range of international services as an end-to-end experience or just select the elements you need.


All the data collection you can ask for - whether local or global, quant or qual, single or mixed mode - seamlessly integrated with central oversight.

Face to face

Face to face interviewing still remains a popular collection method, with enhanced screening accuracy and contextual benefit. Perspective achieves high completion rates and quality with a large national fieldforce and the highest training standards.

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Dedicated, flexible client support from costing to data delivery. That’s our promise, from phone room to board room, for the tiniest ad hoc dipper to year-long trackers entailing hundreds of thousands of interviewing hours.

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Digital research is nimble, precise and affordable. With it comes a whole plethora of options for collection and reporting. Let us help you navigate the newest and best solutions, tailored precisely to your needs.

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Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping gives you an authentic and consistent evaluation of the customer experience. We’ve reimagined this service for the modern day, so mystery shops are no longer just in-store. We also undertake them through convincing online profiles and recorded calls.

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Qualitative Recruitment

You want successful depth interviews and focus groups, yes? So you need us to track down the right respondents. It can make or break a project – good recruitment is critical. Our top team will find the people you are looking for.

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There are hidden insights lurking in your data. Perspective reveals all.

Data processing

Tabs, cross-tabs, data weighting, conversion or cleaning, coding, verbatims, scanning. The list goes on. So leave the detailed stuff to us. You can concentrate on getting a clear view of what the data actually means. And rightly so.

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Advanced analytics

Learn more from your data with advanced analytics from an enthusiastic team of number crunchers.

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Big data

Is your unwieldy business data getting used to its full potential? Let us take a look. We’ll help you get big insights from your big data.

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Data served a la carte. From dazzling dashboards and informative infographics to real hard data.

Online reporting

Multi-delivery client branded platforms allowing stakeholders to consume findings with minimum effort. Clean, clear, accessible and tailored to your needs.

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With the ability to provide a quick comprehensive view of the ‘big picture’ with a single click, the Dashboard is the perfect tool for management.

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Data formats

Whether you want your data analysed or converted, we can deal with your survey data in nearly any format.

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Database management to organise, combine, aggregate and analyse two or more data sets and produce useful and actionable results.

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Data visualisation

Our in-house design team can transform raw data into compelling, visually engaging communications.

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Offline reporting

Automated offline reporting into your branded template to save you time, effort and money.

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