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Were you asked to participate in one of our projects?

Who we are

Perspective is part of the BVA Family, an independent international leader in research, data and consulting solutions.


What we do

We conduct hundreds of projects every year for a wide range of clients (including market research agencies, brands, charities, political parties and government departments) who are looking to gather opinions from businesses, the general public or consumer groups.

This sees us contacting people, like you, by phone, by post, online or face-to-face depending on the needs of the project.


Our promise

Three things are guaranteed on all of our projects:

  1. We do not sell or market any products or services to research participants
  2. The purpose of our contact is always for genuine market research purposes
  3. We adhere to strict codes of industry conduct, in the interests of quality, security and confidentiality

We are accredited with the international market research quality standard ISO 20252 and is a company member of the MRS (Market Research Society).  As well as most of our staff being members or associates of the MRS all staff has to abide by the MRS professional Code of Conduct.

We adhere to data protection legislation in the UK and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (Z6896761). We are committed to maintaining high levels of security and take every reasonable precaution to ensure your information is protected from loss, theft or misuse and are working towards the information security standard ISO 27001:2013.

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