Online reporting


The trend in research is away from large multi wave tracker projects towards smaller, more agile projects. These sometimes need a different reporting medium from traditional dashboards.

We offer a multi delivery platform so users can consume findings the way they choose. The key to a successful interface is therefore not just the volume of data but the ease with which it can be acted on.

Our reporting system incorporates a flexible content management system (CMS) to produce fully featured websites that look good and are easy to navigate. We can work with your brand guidelines to offer a familiar visual environment.

While dashboards have a place for presenting multiple performance indicators with impact, we also offer other options.  Deck Creator allows end-users to select pre-built PowerPoint slides and run the deck against the live, respondent level data.  A qualitative view can also be made available, allowing for review and filtering of any verbatim comments.

Filtering is a key component of our online reporting tools. Dropdown menus allow the real time application of multi variate analysis to the chosen dashboards and reports.  We can also incorporate other useful content and media such as audio, video and html5 animation.

The key is putting it all together to create something that provides a usable ‘wow factor’ but is easy to use, supports your online goals and doesn’t cost the earth.


Other Services

Data formats

Whether you want your data analysed or converted, we can deal with your survey data in nearly any format.

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With the ability to provide a quick comprehensive view of the ‘big picture’ with a single click, the Dashboard is the perfect tool for management.

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