Organisations often hold large amounts of data about clients, products or services.  This data can be analysed in conjunction with research data. We use our database management experience to organise, combine, aggregate and analyse data sets and produce useful and actionable results.

Our database team has masses of experience developing bespoke database management systems that allow interactions between the user, web and office applications, as well as the data. We can speak knowledgably to your internal teams to help identify how best to access or link to the required information. We can also lead any database development life cycle planning, incorporating the requirements analysis, database design, implementation, data loading, testing, delivery and on-going support and maintenance.

Other Services

Data formats

Whether you want your data analysed or converted, we can deal with your survey data in nearly any format.

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Online reporting

Multi-delivery client branded platforms allowing stakeholders to consume findings with minimum effort. Clean, clear, accessible and tailored to your needs.

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