Data formats


Trust our experienced in house DP team to look after your survey data. Each of our seven analysts has over 20 years’ experience.  We are capable of dealing data in a multitude of different formats, with some of the most common including SPSS .sav files, Triple-S, Excel, Ascii text, Dimensions, Quantum, SQL, Access etc.

No matter what format is used, research data usually comprises individual responses to questions from a survey i.e. raw data. Often this is held in a way best suited to software programs designed to analyse the raw data, which means it must be accompanied by metadata. Metadata decodes what the individual data to each question actually means. It is sometimes referred to as a data definition or data dictionary.

Once we have this information we can then return your raw data to you in a clean and accessible format. Alternatively we can process the data into charts, tabulations, spreadsheets or even provide a fully featured online reporting website.

Whether you want you data analysed or converted we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Other Services

Online reporting

Multi-delivery client branded platforms allowing stakeholders to consume findings with minimum effort. Clean, clear, accessible and tailored to your needs.

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With the ability to provide a quick comprehensive view of the ‘big picture’ with a single click, the Dashboard is the perfect tool for management.

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