Our highly trained interviewers conduct surveys across the UK and internationally from state-of-the-art CATI workstations

Our telephone interviewers are trained continuously in-house, refining their technique according to IQCS principles and with project-specific experience.  You’re welcome to visit and brief the team.  Watch telephone interviews as they’re conducted and receive anecdotal feedback on participants’ responses.

Managers, senior supervisors and team leaders are multi-lingual and committed to front-line sample management and quality control.  Data Processing and IT staff are on site to implement changes and troubleshoot when necessary.

Senior directors oversee every stage, from questionnaire design to the delivery of tables, and can offer a range of field options and methodologies to suit your schedule.

We deliver robust data on budget and to deadline.  Take a look at our impressive topline figures:

  • 70,000 business interviews last year
  • 30,000 consumer interviews last year
  • 225 Projects
  • 72 Countries
  • 26 Languages
  • 80 CATI Stations

We specialise in large, multi-country tracking studies, interviewing senior decision makers from our Central London offices.

Executive interviewers (the top 20 of our 250 active interviewers) are well-versed in the protocols of qualitative interviewing, and can transcribe, copy-edit and translate.  They completed depths in each of the 72 countries in which quantitative interviewing was undertaken last year.

Our Consumer & Voter experience includes political polling and customer satisfaction surveys for large retailers and utilities.  Online will always beat telephone on cost, but we can interview hard-to-reach groups, in specific geographical regions, quickly.

For a no-obligation quotation, or just to discuss feasibility, give us a call.  Speaking engagingly over the phone (quaint old custom though it may be) is something we enjoy and do well. Or send us an email.

Payment Methods: 20 minute free-find CATI interview

Financial CATI research

Millions of retailers use payment processing and collection services. Perspective were approached with the job of establishing trends and customer satisfaction levels amongst UK retailers using these services. During our research likely switchers were identified and the values and volumes of online and in-person payments recorded. We also ranked suppliers on attributes such as pricing, card terminal reliability and helpdesk performance.

Over 12 business days Perspective’s phone room conducted 500 phone interviews, all with retailers with 2 to 500 employees. Shift sizes were 2-20, and in addition to standard business hours we interviewed during early evenings and weekends to catch the proprietors of small shops at times that were less busy and more convenient for them.

Case Study 1

Pubs, Clubs & Off Licences: 10 minute CSat CATI interview

Telephone survey with landlords

We helped one of the world’s largest breweries to identify the principal drivers of customer satisfaction. We interviewed the managers and owners of licensed premises and off licences, conducting 200 telephone interviews monthly since 2014. Respondents were asked to comment on trade patterns and to rate their suppliers on delivery, ordering, customer service, payment terms and the provision of in-store displays.

Case Study 2

Floral Products: 20 minute free-find CATI interview, plus depths

CATI interview with florist

Over 10 business days we interviewed 300 florists and floral supply shops about industry trends. After this successful CATI stage of research, 30 of these respondents were identified as owners of more than one shop. They then took part in a depth interview with one of Perspective’s executive interviewers who asked probing questions, bringing out further details on their ordering habits and preferences, discounts and bespoke retail offerings.

Case Study 3

Perspective shortlisted for Best Training and Development (of operatives) at the MRS Operations Awards 2020 and 2021.
IQCS Interviewing Training and Development 2020 winner.

MRS operations awards finalist 2020MRS oppies finalist training and development 2021IQCS winner

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