Quick online poll?  Large-scale segmentation piece?  Major project to aggregate data in one powerful online reporting platform?  Whichever it is, we are here to guide and consult.

We take the guesswork out of your online research and pick the best method and technology to deliver the results you need.  Fast and flexibly. Our highly experienced team will manage your project from start to finish.  Life will get so much easier!  Trust us to apply the exact tools to make your research successful.  It goes without saying, of course, that all our surveys are mobile friendly.

Perspective work with sister agency Alligator Research to provide the latest and very best digital research services.  Our teams work closely together (under the same air conditioned roof, in fact), so we can deliver projects without the lag other providers are said to suffer from.

Here’s a taste of the types of solutions we provide:

  • Online communities
  • Quick polls
  • Large online research projects
  • Location based push surveys
  • Mobile diary studies
  • Integrated self-filmed vox pops
  • Dashboards and other online reporting

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Other Services

Face to face

Face to face interviewing still remains a popular collection method, with enhanced screening accuracy and contextual benefit. Perspective achieves high completion rates and quality with a large national fieldforce and the highest training standards.

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Dedicated, flexible client support from costing to data delivery. That’s our promise, from phone room to board room, for the tiniest ad hoc dipper to year-long trackers entailing hundreds of thousands of interviewing hours.

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