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Our team collectively has over 60 years of hands-on project management experience. We are equipped to handle large and small scale, standalone or tracking projects and often handle bespoke field management projects.  Whether traditional paper interviews or state of the art CAPI, our field force is ready to go at a moment’s notice anywhere in the UK.

Over the years we have built a reputation for consistently delivering excellent fieldwork, particularly within the transport and tourism sectors.  We have supplied fieldworkers at train stations, bus and tram routes, riverboats, airports, museums and other visitor attractions across the country.  We will put the right fieldworkers in place at the right time.  The result is the highest quality data.

We are experienced with all methodologies including in-street, CLT (central location test), in-home and on-site and our field controllers have their own niche areas of specialist knowledge.

As our online and CAPI offering uses the same interviewing software (Decipher) we can conduct mixed methodology projects seamlessly.  This includes switching quotas and targets between methods, monitoring progress within the same system and reacting speedily to client requests and requirements.


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Perspective Research Services is much more than simple field and tab.  We use our expertise and know-how to maximise results, strike rates and data quality.

Speciality Sectors:

  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Public Sector


Hall Tests

Perspective's Face-to-Face team hire well-located venues and recruit participants off the street (and in some cases in advance) to fit your audience profile. The in-the-moment interaction of hall tests encourages engagement with the product and the opportunity to explore positive and negative reactions in detail and at the moment of discovery.

As the location is central this can be a cost effective way of seeking the opinions of large numbers over a day or so.


In-Home Product Testing

Joining the forces of Perspective’s Research Distribution Centres and Nationwide field force, we offer an end-to-end solution for in-home product testing studies. From UK-wide recruitment for a true representative capture of the whole market, to targeted catchment areas, we can spread recruitment as far or as clustered as the study requires.

Via our nationwide network, we are able to reach populations not typically found on standard databases and panels, including low incidence audiences.

In-home product testing is an excellent contact-free way of reaching a wider population, to validate or enhance your product development cycle.


Research Distribution Centres

We have two dedicated centres committed to receiving, storing, re-packaging and dispatching products for testing nationwide.

Last year, we helped our clients deliver 10,000 products across the whole of the UK, which included beauty and electrical goods, from small scale, low value to large and premium products – our team can handle any and all.

Case study 1

A leading coffeehouse chain was keen to enter the on-the-go chilled beverages market. They wanted to assess the demand for a light, fruit flavoured energy drink.  The client was keen to understand customer attitudes towards the various products concepts. They also wanted to know what motivated their choice of flavour.

We organised Hall Tests in six locations across France and the UK, recruiting more than 800 respondents to conduct taste test and interviews. We were responsible for the recruitment of participants (regular buyers and consumers of on-the-go chilled beverages) in the UK and partnered with an AGMR affiliated company to conduct the fieldwork in France. The tests were a great success, helping the client refine their “flavour territory” before launching the product.

Case Study 1

Case study 2

A market leader in outdoor advertising wanted to launch a new product.  In order to find out whether their new product was an improvement on their existing offering, Perspective organised a hall test. More than 300 people attended a prime London location to complete a 15-minute survey comparing the new product against two existing ones.

We were able to deliver the clients requirements with half a day to spare. The research helped the client to validate their product development and provided them with concrete evidence they could use for their marketing.

Case Study 2


 We were named as winners in the 2023 IQCS Interviewing Training and Development category, and were nominated for Best Training and Development at the 2020 MRS Operations Awards.

MRS operations awards finalist 2020

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