Big data


Increasingly the amount of data available to businesses is growing. Data may be available from a range of sources. As well as holding a customer database you may be tracking transactional activity or other behavioural data. Often companies will have separate streams of data tracking customer satisfaction or online communications and sentiment.  These sources may not be limited to your own customers but may look at competitors and potential customers as well as broader market data. Once you consider even one of these data sources let alone multiple ones you have to deal with significant quantities of data – what is now called ‘Big Data’!

As it has become cheaper and more accessible to collect data, large quantities are gathered by companies. But often, knowing what to do with it can be difficult.  Often our clients feel this data isn’t being fully utilised and the information it provides isn’t disseminated effectively to those who will benefit most from it.

At Perspective Research Services we have a range of processes which allow us to generate more information from existing data.  Our specially designed systems allow us to merge data from a range of different sources which opens up new ways of identifying the patterns in your data and interpreting what this means for your business.  A key part of making the data work for you is being able to visualise and report on the data.  Our range of delivery tools provide ways to do this tailored to your business needs.

Other Services

Data processing

Tabs, cross-tabs, data weighting, conversion or cleaning, coding, verbatims, scanning. The list goes on. So leave the detailed stuff to us. You can concentrate on getting a clear view of what the data actually means. And rightly so.

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Advanced analytics

Learn more from your data with advanced analytics from an enthusiastic team of number crunchers.

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